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Inspiring collaboration 

It is always rewarding when a performance inspires a creative process which creates powerful waves in our community...

About a year and a half ago I was performing with the Selkirk trio; Nicola Everton - clarinet, Sue Gould - Piano and myself (right to left) and we presented a rather new work by Russian composer Pavel Karminoff called "A Birthday Present To Myself." It is a rather minimalist work for clarinet, cello and piano bassed on a mathematically rhythmic motif centred on groups of 5 and 6. It's undulating rhythmic underpinnings are accented with luscious harmony and at times a truly beautiful lyric exchange between the 3 instruments.  It was a really rewarding experience learning this work and we got to communicate directly with the composer to achieve the artistic intent.

Our performance was well attended and one of the audience members was Nelson resident and professional dancer, Hiromoto Ida. He was touched by the performance and inspired to write a full length play/dance/musical/live music concert. Ida's "Birthday Present To Myself" is a multidisciplinary presentation which takes the audience on an audio/visual journey through the mind of a man reflecting on his life and preparing for death.

The work involves 5 live musicians (Sue Gould - Piano, Nicola Everton - Clarinet, Martine Denbok - Violin/Viola, Allison Girvan - Voice and Jeff Faragher - Cello), several stage hands, choreographers, full lighting and sound and one lone dancer (Hiromoto Ida).

This show is going to be a very rich and immersion experience for all audiences. Shows are November 18 & 19 at the Capitol theatre in Nelson and November 26 in Golden BC. 

See you there!

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