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Combining Passion and Innovation

Looking to become more active as a performer and educator, I have made the move back to Alberta, a move I was unsure about at first. -40 C winters, traffic jams and fast paced life weren't what I would call a desirable lifestyle and admittedly, Nelson is such a paradise. To top that off, I grew up in Edmonton! There is supposed to be this rivalry between Edmonton and Calgary and while I can't say I harboured any ill will for my fellow Albertans down south of the 780, I certainly preferred Edmonton growing up.

I haven't been so pleasantly surprised in quite some time. Since arriving in Calgary I have been warmly welcomed by so many talented and energetic people who am I am so excited to explore music with. I really shouldn't be that surprised really. I mean, I already had so many contacts through the Symphony of the Kootenays and previous collaborations here in Calgary. People like Anne Scott, Liz Tremblay, Rob Maciak, Shirley Write, Eileen Kosasih, Darcey Stamp, Madeline Bailey and Liana Siedle are just a few of the warm and welcoming professionals who have inspired me already.

Calgary has absolutely blown me away and I'm already getting quite busy with gigs, educational consulting and collaborating on new projects. Stay tuned for great things to come.

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