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Introducing "Voices Within" my debut album

Jeff Faragher’s ‘Voices Within’ is not your standard classical music album — if anything, it is far from it. All the music on this album is composed for cello ensembles of two to six players. Now, imagine just one musician playing four different cellos to create realistic ensemble voicings. With no click track, no conductor, listening for every entrance, and shaping each phrase as musically as possible, Jeff performed all of this without the feedback that comes from playing with others.

With an average of 3 minutes per track, and some needing up to 6 cellos to suit the piece, it’s easy to see why most songs required up to 18 tracks of recorded material to be mixed.

Created using a collection of some of the finest cellos in the Kootenays, Jeff spent many years planning to bring this recording to life. Recorded at Dam View Studios in an acoustically balanced space, you’ll find nuances throughout the album that are unique to this project. The end result is 20 tracks and over 80 minutes of what Jeff is best known for — artistic diversity, musical innovation, and passionate performance.

Available at Coles and Pack Rat Annie's, Nelson BC, Lotus Books in Cranbrook and online here

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